Featured Artist – Javier Riera

Javier Riera, Aviles Asturias, Spain, “The Space and Time of the Landscape”, 2011 -2013.Javier Riera 2011 3

Javier Riera is a contemporary Spanish Conceptual artist. In the recent installation “The Space and Time of the Landscape”, 2013, Javier explores the relationship between our natural environment and geometric shaped light projections cast over the landscape. The light projections impose a supernatural presence. Light beams create geometric patterns that conjure up images of star wars or extraterrestrial life forms. Yet, together the supernatural light and natural environment coexist, unified as one.

Javier Riera 2011 2Javier Riera 2011Javier RIeraJavier Riera 2011 11

Javier Riera’s modification of the geographic landscape inspires viewers to question their own perceptions of the environment. As the superimposed supernatural light projections introduce hidden dimensions which are interwoven harmoniously into the environments forests, valleys and rivers. How do such familiar landscapes, taken for granted, readily adopt symbiotic relationships with the supernatural dimension? It is from this contradiction we are thrust into a state of contemplation… left illuminated by the magic of the interplay between light and form… to infinitely ponder what if?

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