Sunday Musings – ‘Don’t Burn Your Bridges’

burn bridges

To Burn One’s Bridges or Not? Is the Question!

I have learned the old school way that in life it is better to blow your bridges up rather than to hold onto something purely out of human insecurity or role necessity – or in female clique bitch speak – a need to belong or feel an affiliation to a group or association which at some point we may have deemed as important.

No blow it up!

Fuck it all!

Cut loose ties!

Hack off anchors heavy from the burden of negative energy, unsavory associations or soul depleting relationships, that only ever served to drag you down!

Wear you out!

Hold you back!

It is time now to Sail on! Sail on! ⚓️

You wanna rock my boat?

Ahoy captain,

I just hope she floats!

Cause your overboard sister!

Bon voyage!


Parting is such sweet sorrow! 😦