‘Bangkok Boy’ – Chai Pinit

Urban Warriors

'Bangkok Boy'

It was a Wednesday night in downtown Bangkok, we left our hotel in Sukhumvit and headed for Thailand’s red light district. We had never been to Bangkok and we were curious about the live Go-Go shows, underworld sexual exploitation and city life. The Taxi driver dropped us off in Patpong, the district of Bangkok renowned for its Lady Boy’s & Bar Girls. After a few hours we followed in the footsteps of so many thousands of Western tourists before us, drinking, dancing and pigging out on thai street food.

Uni exams were over, we were on holidays, letting go and catching up after not seeing each other for a while – we were exactly where we wanted to be, embracing the city for all that it had to offer and enjoying each others company. Yet we couldn’t ignore the cold harsh reality, the exploitation, desperation, teenagers fighting the city, fighting…

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