In Eat Me! FOOD FOOD FOOD Glorious food will be celebrated in all its forms!
I will review restaurants and share recipes from home cooked creations, family & friends favourites. I will saviour Australian cuisine from asian fusion, middle eastern delights, robust italian dishes, fresh seafood and modern Australian… I now take the back seat as my pallet drives me to Sydney’s best restaurants & hidden eateries.

Retrospectively I will step back in time and share traditional family recipes… passed down through the generations, dishes born out of the depression – no-one will ever really know how to slow braise an off cut such as lamb shanks the way an old Aussie – English – Irish Nanna can! Being someone with a preference for creating quite rich and robust flavour profiles i have come to respect my Nanna’s traditional way of cooking with only a few simple ingredients cooked to scrumptious perfection. Sometimes the extra herbs, garlic, pepper or overload of ingredients actually detract from a dish.

Anyone for mums pavlova recipe or slow cooked lamb shanks? or Nanna’s simple Aussie sausage rolls? or Uncle Tom’s home grown beetroots cooked by my great aunty Maw Maw? (RIP Uncle Tom passed away a month ago – a grandfather to me – a heart of Gold and the best home grown beetroot ever! – I will always remember Uncle Tom outside in his garden or carpentry shed building something or sitting in the summer sun next to the rose bushes reading an atlas or national geographic magazine, always smiling). While Uncle Tom’s garden has turned to patches of dirt and grass, i notice an unfortunate trend in Australia moving away from family or community gardens and opting for quick and easy supermarket produce. I support local growers and markets – we all need to make a conscious effort to support local businesses and farmers.

I am passionate about my health & eat nutritionally rich foods whenever possible.

I will include nutritional blogs and experiment with new healthier alternatives on this page to hopefully inspire healthy food choices.

“let food be they medicine” – Hippocrates