Welcome to my blog on ‘Sydney Fish Market’ – SFM is where i go to source the freshest seafood & those difficult to find deli items. I hope my photos inspire you to visit Sydney Fish Markets and sample the local produce for yourself! 🙂

The Vase I & II are retrospectives.

I would like to put into perspective my nature & personality. I am one of those down to earth genuine people who can adapt to various social situations. I was maybe a decade ago a little more confident aka borderline arrogant then my ideal – but hey that’s how you want to roll in your twenties! “Rock ‘n’ Roll” – live in the moment & embrace life for all it has to offer.

I never claimed to be perfect. I only sought the company of real people – like minded people who were intellectual or curious, passionate and compassionate with generous spirits. Unfortunately while in the scene in only attracted the shallow narcissistic sociopathic types who drained my spirit and life energy.

I am now re-energised because of their hatred I found God – God saved my life. Without the hatred, misfortune and hardship I would never have found God and my eternal love, my eternal life.

I transcend the flesh.

For a greater love and life 🙌